Executive 2021-22

President: Dianne Durda (

Vice President:  Judy Morris

Secretary: Clarke Storle

Treasurer:  Maureen Mastel

Past President: Gene Mastel

Policies & Bylaws

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Medicine Hat Bylaws

        FFI 2022 Policies and Guidelines for Clubs and Programs

There are three updates in particular to note:

1. Club dues are now $25 for individuals, there is no longer a family payment   option.

2. The FFI Ambassador Coordinator Discount — The Ambassador Coordinator will receive a pro-rated discount of the FFI Fee. The percentage of discount is based upon the number of traveling ambassadors for each phase of the journey, and will be coordinated in cooperation with the RSM and the Fill the Seat Policy. Check the Policies for the percentage schedule.

3. Host fees — FFI recommends that host clubs receive a Host Club Program Fee that will be determined by the Host Coordinator and Ambassador Coordinator and paid by each ambassador (including the Ambassador Coordinator) for all Club-to-Club Journeys.